Eu Parliament

Parliament, together with the Council of Ministers, decides on laws affecting the lives of the citizens of the European Union. Members are elected to parliament by a majority of their respective member states and gogo members of the European Parliament. The European Parliament has a number of powers, including legislative and budgetary, and has delegated […]

European Parliament

This is the parliamentary body of the European Union (EU), which is directly elected by citizens every five years. In fact, it is the only part of the EU body that is democratic, and in fact it is supported by a majority of EU citizens and not by EU members. Together with the Council of […]

European Commission

The Finnish Presidency reminded Member States that 45% is achievable under current policies and asked them to consider steps in this process as part of the preparation of an updated Communication on EU commitments in Paris. On the other hand, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy said earlier this […]